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Learn how to grow profits and wealth from commercial real estate

The entrepreneurs who lead Commercial Proven Profits firmly believe that anyone willing to study and work hard can master the skills that produce profits and wealth from commercial real estate.

This belief stems from personal experience – together they have more than three decades of commercial real estate success. The team members started with house rehabs and have built multi-million dollar portfolios that now include dozens of apartment buildings, manufactured housing communities and self-storage units throughout the United States.

They are also note investors with a current portfolio of over 200 notes. They have invested in a number of franchises and other businesses and also hold rehab companies, property management companies and have some international investments.

And they note their success all started with a few single-family homes that morphed into multifamily properties and beyond. Now they are eager to share their knowledge with others who want to establish their own portfolios and build wealth.

“We’re dedicated to giving people who want to grow profits and wealth from real estate the information they need to succeed,” says M. Nicheole Amundsen, a CPP principle. “Others shared their knowledge with us over the years and it’s our goal to do the same for other entrepreneurs.”