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Learn how to invest in commercial real estate from experts

Commercial Proven Profits (CPP) is a top-flight education service dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to build wealth by investing in commercial real estate. With more than 30 years of profitable experience themselves, our experts definitely know what works and what doesn’t.

You get full value – our investing webinars are complete

You get true value from CPP workshops because we teach all the details every time. Unlike some firms, we never lure students with a come-on class and then charge them again to get “expert” information in additional sessions.

Students can succeed with or without real estate investment experience

CPP classes can help you whether you’re just breaking into commercial real estate or want to sharpen your existing skills. We present active and engaging sessions with plenty of discussions, practice exercises, handouts and tips.

Anyone can master commercial real estate investing

If you are willing to study and work hard, you can master the skills that produce profits and wealth from commercial properties. The pros at Commercial Proven Properties are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and are eager to teach you how to:

  • Identify promising markets and properties – apartments, mobile homes, self-storage
  • Calculate profit potential of a property and how much to offer
  • Analyze a deal and evaluate financing options
  • Negotiate with confidence and skill
  • Finance your deals, find and work with partners, syndications
  • Learn the laws and rules required to raise private money
  • Close transactions
  • Take care of complicated yet required paperwork
  • Build a strategic plan to maximize success
  • Master the skills of good property management
  • Manage your business so it meets goals and makes profits

Capitalize on yourself – get started now

Your vision and hard work are vital to producing income from commercial real estate investments. The CPP team focuses extra attention on boosting the confidence and energy of every student. There are hands-on exercises, coaching activities and follow-up support.

Both novices and experienced investors will be comfortable in the positive atmosphere of CPP workshops.

Sign up today for our Master Commercial Real Estate Investing course.