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Master commercial real estate investing

Our comprehensive 2018 educational series, which teaches how to profit from investments in apartment buildings, mobile home parks and/or self-storage units, starts this spring.

There are 6 segments with a total of 40 webinars and 12 bonus modules. The series will be broadcast live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays evenings. You can view the sessions from your office or home and you’ll be able to ask questions and join the discussions. All of the presentations will be archived so if you can’t make a class or want to review a webinar, you can pull it out of the files anytime for one year.

These sessions are taught by experts who each built multi-million portfolios from a single property and thus learned all the details of the commercial investment business. Based on those experiences, these pros developed a curriculum that clearly and effectively instructs students how to follow in their footsteps.

Here is an overview of the six segments of the series. To see more detail on the webinars and bonuses included within each segment, click on the blue box below:

  1. The basics every investor needs to know
  2. How to analyze the profit potential of any property and negotiate the best deal
  3. Multiple strategies for raising funds, including private money
  4. Details of closing deals and planning strategically for maximum profits
  5. The steps needed to manage a property successfully
  6. Opportunities to expand your business and investments

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Special Loyalty Discount for REACH students

If you attended a live REACH class in the past, you can sign up for CPP’s 2018 master investing series at a great discount!

Nicheole Amundsen teaches these web-based classes and includes significantly more content than in her previous workshops. With our low price you can join in all webinars and bonus classes – and also discuss your own deals during six interactive webinars.

Send an email request for the discount code to Once we verify your status, we’ll email you the code. Enter it on the payment page and save almost $1,000!