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Below are our class descriptions – enroll now!

Below are our class descriptions – enroll now!

Below are our class descriptions – enroll now!

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Course Description

Segment 1 – The Basics Every Investor Needs to Know

To be successful in commercial commercial property investing, you have to know the basics. The following 8 classes cover the fundamentals: how to assess financials, identify promising markets and analyze potential deals. Each hands-on session includes downloads of slide shows, calculation worksheets, sample documents and/or forms.

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Class 1 – Getting Ready

Overview of commercial real estate investing that covers the basics you should know.

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Class 2 – Find Markets, Build Teams

How to identify promising markets and build teams.

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Class 3 – First Level Analysis

Finding deals and making the first analysis of a potential property.

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Class 4 – Negotiating

Learn negotiating skills and ways to structure deals.

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Bonus 1 – Using a Calculator

Learn to use a financial calculator.

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Class 5 – Acquisition Process

Letters of intent, contracts, calculating cash flow, creating an overall plan.

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Class 6 – Buying Apartments and Multi-family Units

Buying groups of houses or small apartments, buying apartment buildings.

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WEBINAR 1 – Deal Analysis and Review

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.

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Class 7 – Analyze Deals – Part 1

More about analysis, concept of value adds, what you can offer.

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Class 8 – Buying Self Storage

Self storage overview, syndication information.

Segment 2 – Analyzing Deals

Correctly analyzing a commercial property’s profit possibilities is essential before you invest. Learn how to calculate the costs in advance, know what amount you need to offer, and find ways to create more profits after purchase. Learn about investing in mobile home parks as well as apartments and self-storage units.

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Class 9 – Analyzing Deals – Part 2

What part of the deal can you own.

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Class 10 – Analyzing Deals – Part 2, continued

Acquisition costs and Value adds.

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Class 11 – Know What to Offer

What to buy and how much to offer.

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Class 12 – Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured housing and its Value adds.

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Bonus 2 – Real Estate Brokers/Realtors

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Class 13 – Analyzing Deals – Part 3

Building a plan and property package.

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Bonus 3 – SEC Attorney

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WEBINAR 2 – Live Deal Analysis

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.

Segment 3 – Finding Investors

There are a number of methods for raising money from other investors but the SEC rules are very strict. Our experts teach you several lawful strategies for finding investors, including how to deal with syndications, banks, sponsors and other potential lenders.

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Class 14 – Exit Plans

Exits, practice putting it all together.

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Class 15 – Reposition or Rehab?

Costs and funding.

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Class 16 – Syndication and Private Money

SEC rules on securities, investors, and syndications.

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Class 17 – Syndication, continued

Options for finding investors.

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Class 18 – Marketing

Finding the money, networking, and investor relations.

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Class 19 – Ways to Finance Deals

Dealing with banks, lenders, and sponsors.

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Bonus 4 – SEC Attorney

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WEBINAR 3 – Live Deal Analysis

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.

Segment 4 – Closing and Planning

Closing on a deal involves careful due diligence and attention to the final agreement’s details. Our experienced team will prepare you for these important steps. They also will teach you how to build a strategic plan for managing the property once you take ownership.

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Class 20 – Due Diligence

Before you make a site visit.

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Class 21 – Due Diligence, continued

Visiting a site.

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Bonus 5 – Banker

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Class 22 – Closing on a Property

Finalizing documents and investors.

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Class 23 – Building a Strategic Plan

Create a plan for success with action items.

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Bonus 6 – Insurance

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Class 24 – Creating a Budget

Taxes, insurance, and managing a budget.

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WEBINAR 4 – Live Deal Analysis

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.

Segment 5 – Property Management

Good property management is essential for maximizing profits and developing additional revenue. We cover the techniques for hiring and supervising excellent property manager(s). You also learn what financials you need to have to monitor performance.

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Class 25 – Property Management I

Hiring and supervising property managers.

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Class 26 – Property Management II

Addressing common management issues.

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Class 27 – Managing a Budget

Creating contracts and managing performance.

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Bonus 7 – Property Management Company

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Class 28 – Take Over a Property

Key things to know and manage.

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Bonus 8 – On-site Management

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Class 29 – Property Management III

Creative ways for win-win successes.

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WEBINAR 5 – Live Deal Analysis

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.

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Bonus 9 – Wholesaling Commercial

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Class 30 – Ongoing Management

Monthy reports, financials, and investor relations.

Segment 6 – Expanding the Business

Commercial real estate investors generally start with a single property but success often spurs them to expand their business. Our experts themselves built multi-million dollar portfolios this way and will share the details they know will help you grow your business and build wealth.

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Bonus 10 – Accountant

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Class 31 – Going Forward with Investors

Finding and nurturing more investors.

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Bonus 11 – Buying Commercial Notes

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Class 32 – Running Real Estate as a Business

Entity structures and accounting tools.

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Bonus 12 – Buying Commercial Foreclosures, etc.

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Class 33 – Running Real Estate as a Business, continued

Employees, partners, taxes, and insurance.

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Class 34 – Creative Buying Strategies

Lease and commercial options, LLC deals.

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WEBINAR 5 – Live Deal Analysis

Live webinar – bring your deals for analysis and review.